Overcoming Adversity

Jonah 1-17, Deut. 31:6-8, James 1:2-4

Many Christians, even those who have only a nodding acquaintance with the Bible recognize the story of Jonah and the great fish. Most children in Sunday school can recount in graphic detail how Jonah was swallowed whole and then spit up onto the beach. But what they may not remember is how Jonah got into such deep trouble in the first place.

Jonah knew what God wanted him to do (preach to the people of Nineveh), but he took off in the opposite direction. When we disregard or disobey God, we will also find ourselves in deep water, sooner or later.

Are you, like Jonah, also running from God? God listens to every prayer we offer and responds to everyone, sometimes saying no, sometimes saying yes, and sometimes saying wait. From the belly of the big fish in the depths of the sea, Jonah cried out, and God heard. No place is too remote for God. He listens and he cares.

Prayer: Heavenly Lord, I come into your throne of grace, hear my cry in the midst of adversity as Jonah cried to you. When I face difficulties, let me rest in you while you fight my battles and rescue me as you rescued Jonah. I call on you to defeat the giant obstacles in my life. Amen.

Jude Akinleyimu


  1. PDA says

    “But what they may not remember is how Jonah got into such deep trouble in the first place”.

    I like this part. Disobedience will always bring obstacles. I pray that as we obey God, he in return will turn our obstacles to miracles in Jesus Mighty Name .
    God bless you and God bless every readers.

  2. Akinde Afolabi says

    Well done Jude. You are on your way to a big precher and a man of God. God Almighty will continue to use you more and more for His work like your dad in Jesus Mighty Name.
    You are blessed.

    • PDA says

      We cherish your comments.

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