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  •  It is our vision to get to Heaven for Everlasting rest after our labour here on earth. Jh.14:1-3, Lk.10:20
  • Our vision is to live the Christian life of purify and holiness here on earth so as to qualify to see God at last. Heb.12:14


  • It is our Mission to carry the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to the people of the world so that those who accept it will be saved. Mk.16:15-16.
  • It is our Mission to let those who are born again systematically learn the message of Christ’s Gospel and live their lives by it.
  • It is our Mission that we shall, through the Word of Christ which is the true doctrine; impact the lives of other people around us.
  • It is our Mission to plant churches where members will meet to fellowship and learn the true word of God, get baptized and discipled to observe all things the Lord has taught us to observe. Mt.28:19-20.
  • It is our Mission therefore to intensify evangelism both in Nigeria, Africa and in all the nations of the world. Act1:8


  • We are committed to the teaching of the Word of God without diluting it with falsehood, worldliness and unsound doctrines of man.
  • We are committed to prayers for the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom on earth and for all Saints and the world generally.
  • We are committed to evangelism; soul winning so that people will experience genuine salvation.
  • We are committed to leading the people around us in living practical lives of holiness and purity in words and in deed.
  • We are committed to helping others to go through the narrow way into the Kingdom of God.



  • To go to every part of Nigerian, Africa and all nations of the world on missionary works, preaching, teaching and using any other Biblical method to reaching the souls of mankind with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Mt.16:15.
  • To preach the Gospel message of repentance from sin and turning to God Acts20:21.
  • To establish the faith of members towards God through the Lord Jesus using Bible teachings, fellowship and other Bible methods. Mt.28:19-20; Act20:21; Heb.10:25.


The objectives of the Mission shall be:

  • To meet regularly as a body of Christ (ICor.12:27) for studying the Bible, Praying together or individually and in worship. Such meetings shall be in form of crusade (in Public and Private Campus, Retreat). Such meetings conferences, conventions, workshops, seminars, Bible studies and such other Christian activities as may be decided from time to time by the Board of Trustee of the mission.
  • To promote love, unity and holiness among Christians, and peace towards all men without compromising with evil or sin, in the teaching of the Bible (Heb. 12:14).
  • To proclaim the gospel of the LORD Jesus Christ to all people so as to accept Him as personal LORD and Saviour. In this regard, the mission shall employ the services of missionaries, evangelists, pastor, teachers, instructors on full or part time basis with or without salaries.
  • To support education, health and other good courses, founding (planting/establishing) branch churches, Bible training centres for short term and Long term Bible trainings, vocational and vacational trainings, holiday resort centres and other institutions, and developing the same as the body shall deem fit.
  • To broadcast, publish, distribute and keep Christian literatures and other Christian products necessary for proclaiming the gospel.
  • To own and acquire properties, including lands buildings, moveable and immovable properties; to offer and receive gifts, and offerings for the promotion of the aims and objectives of the mission.
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One of the most wonderful things about God is that he lives in our praise. He’s a loving God who wants to be with us and when we worship him, he is. Isn’t that amazing? When we praise and worship God, his presence comes to dwell with us. Things that need to change in our lives change, always! You can count on it. Hearts change, situations change, lives change, minds change, and attitudes change. – Learn More
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