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Message for the New Year

Happy New Year to everyone!

Wow! The second year of this decade has begun! To God be all the glory. As I welcome you to this wonderful year, I trust it will be our year of fulfilled promises. Our year of fruitfulness. All the good promises of God in his word for you shall come to pass this year in Jesus Christ Mighty and Powerful Name and you shall be fruitful. Amen

God is up to something in your life. Read the instructions below from God, to you. Claim them over your life this new year and even beyond:

  • Do not carry over last year’s burdens
  • Do not carry over last year’s broken news
  • Do not carry over last year’s pandemic
  • Do not carry over last year’s sluggishness
  • Do not carry over last year’s indecision and being on the fence
  • Do not carry over last year’s ungratefulness
  • Do not carry over last year’s complaints
  • Do not carry over last year’s doubts
  • Do not carry over last year’s unbelief
  • Do not carry over last year’s pains – physical pain, body pain, emotional pain, and even spiritual pain.
  • Do not carry over last year’s busyness – doing nothing for God. Be productive, be fruitful and be multiplied.
  • In this new year, you must let go of all your burden at the cross of our Savior

Hear the word of Jesus Christ to you in Matthew 11:28, “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” This is your year of rest, sit and settle down with God.

I encourage you to devote more time with your creator. Stop your idleness and stop being busy doing nothing for your God. Remember, foods for the belly, and the belly for foods, both shall perish one day, only what is done for Christ shall remain.

This year, you must be fervent, revived, diligent, and smart in all areas. Think beyond your imagination, move forward with your life hidden in Christ Jesus. Apostle Paul said in Galatians 6:17, “From henceforth let no man (let nothing) trouble me: for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.” From henceforth, do not allow anything to stand between you and your God, his words, and the work he has called you to do.

This year, make up your mind to forget the ugliness of the past, the sins of the past, the weaknesses of the past, and the guilt of the past. Start afresh, there’s still time to make things right with your creator. There is still time to fulfill your God-ordained destiny. I assure you that God’s promises for your life shall be fulfilled and surely you shall be fruitful.

Prayer: Father God, ancient of days, thank you for a brand-new year, thank you for another chance and another opportunity to hear your words. We bless your holy name. Please Lord, give me the grace to forget the past and move on with the plans you have set for me, to fulfill my ordained destiny. Help me to see you, touch you, feel you and talk about you this year and beyond . Let your promises come to fulfillment in my life and make me fruitful this year in Jesus Christ your only begotten Son I have prayed. Amen

Written by: Pastor Mrs. Dorcas Akinleyimu

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