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Finding Directions

Joshua 1:8

I am one of many people who rely on my phone’s navigation system to take me from point A to point B. I no longer need to ask people for directions because I have a lot of trust in the Global Position System (GPS). However, there are some times when the GPS does not give directions to the exact location one needs to get to, it could be due to a new road or new construction site. In that case, I’d call the person who lives in the area I am visiting or someone who drives in the area quite frequently for some direction/guidance.

God wants us to rely on his word just as we rely on our navigation systems. When Joshua was appointed the new leader of Israel, God told him not to be afraid and that he should be courageous. God also warned him that the book of the law (God’s Word) should not depart from his lips and that he should meditate on it day and night so that he can be prosperous (Joshua 1:8). We need to apply this warning and encouragement to our lives as well. As we live our lives daily, we must abide by the Word of God to ensure we are on the right path. We must continually read the word, meditate on it and rely on it. This book of the law is what will direct us from point A of life to point B, to point C and to our final destination. What is this final destination? For Christians who trust in God, follow His instructions and do not lean on thier own understanding, that destination is Heaven (Proverbs 3:5). When we get to a place where it seems like the direction is not clear, we can call unto God who knows all and sees all or call on our spiritual leaders for guidance, just like how I would call my friend for help. As the bible says, His word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path (Psalm 119:105, John 8:12)

Remember, the bible is the GPS that will lead us to Heaven. Follow the GPS God invented for you and you will not be lost in darkness. The bible is a lot more reliable than the GPS on our phones. If we can have so much trust in this man-made object, why not have a deeper trust in the God who has given men the wisdom to make the GPS.

Prayer: Father, I ask for mercy for putting my trust in things other than your Word. Please help me to trust in you. Help me to rely on your Word. Help me to follow the directions that are provided in your Word, so that I will reach my destination. Remove any distractions that could deviate me from your plans and purpose for me. I will make it to heaven in Jesus name. Amen.

Blessing Oyem

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