Dorcas T. Akinleyimu is a foundational pastor in Christian Faith and Fellowship Mission – Sanctuary of Praise (CFFM-SOP). Together with her husband, Jude Akinleyimu, her vision and goal for the church has been her drive for being relentless, dynamic and pragmatic to the work of the ministry. She has passion for the word without compromise. She loves to be around and encourage all women, especially the pregnant women and children. She is a great support for her husband in the ministry and she is involved in all areas of the church ministry. She seeks to solve any problem that may arise in the church according to the leading of the Spirit. She is a prayerful woman, a vessel that God has chosen to help every member of the church. Pastor Dorcas has been a Pastor of CFFM-SOP since 2007. She wrote a devotional book that has been a great source of blessing to all its readers. For more information on this devotional, click here