What are we doing to keep you safe?

The leaders of Sanctuary of Praise want all our members to feel safe and be safe when they are in the Sanctuary. These are the things we have implemented to ensure and maintain everyone’s safety:
1. The use of hand sanitizer is required upon entry and these sanitizing dispensers are located by all doors in the church premises
2. Every member within the church premise MUST wear masks at all times, except for those on the pulpit ministering
3. Everyone must maintain social distance with others who are not members of their family. Chairs are also separated from each other to maintain distance
4. The church is cleaned every week with sanitizing and disinfecting solutions. All touch points are sanitized
5. Children are highly encouraged to stay at home with at least one parent, until further notice. 

If you are vaccinated, we are looking forward to see you in our Sanctuary! Otherwise, we encourage you to get your vaccine or continue to join our online services. If you wish to join us in person, please ensure that your mask is always on at all times.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestion, please reach out to the Church Administrator.

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