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Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is a rail transportation in Dallas metroplex. It provides fast transportation especially for workers in downtown Dallas. This mode of transportation helps workers avoid long delays of traffic as they head to work. Currently, there are plans of developing more railroad tracks that will connect Texas’ two biggest cities – Dallas and Houston. The high-speed train will be built to transport passengers from Dallas to Houston and vice versa in about 90 minutes or less, a 240 miles journey!

This fast train brings my mind to what the scripture says about death in Hebrews 9:27, “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.” Folks, I want you to know that the fastest means of transportation from life to eternity is “Death”. Death gives realization that everything is so temporary, and it must end one way or another. So, why waste time living in unhappiness, sorrow, bitterness, and pride? Why is it that some people cannot share with others, care for them, and make their lives better while they are still alive? The people you think are your enemies are going to die anyway; so why are you bothered by them so much?

For Christians, death is the beginning of a better life. For unbelievers or sinners who enjoy every moment of their sinful life, death is the end of your dreams, expectations, enjoyment, and pleasures. Death is one of the attributes you were created with [life & death, joy & sorrow]. Life brought you into the world while death takes you out of the world to eternity. Jesus has promised to return and take us to eternal life in a world where sin will be banished. How are you preparing for this? Get yourself ready today and be a passenger of the high-speed train that leads to eternal life. Tomorrow may be too late.

Pastor Jude Akinleyimu

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