What If…? What will you do?

  1. What if you married a man who is wicked and foolish like Abigail did? 1 Samuel 25:25
  2. What if you married a man who does not love you like Leah experienced? Genesis 29:31
  3. What if you have a mother-in-law like Orpah had? A mother in law who is loving. Ruth 1:14 & 15
  4. What if you’re in a similar position as Lot’s wife, who disobeyed God? Genesis 19:26
  5. What if you’re an adulteress like Hosea’s wife? Hosea 3:1-3
  6. What if you’re a seductress like Portiphar’s wife? Genesis 39:1-22
  7. What if you’ve spoken foolish things like Job’s wife did? Job 2. 9-10
  8. What if you fell into the trap of the devil like Eve did at the garden of Eden? Genesis 3:2-3,6
  9. What if you have a good spirit like Tabitha (Greek name – Dorcas)? Acts 9:36 What legacy will you leave behind?
  10. What if you’re a grandma like Lois, who had a sincere faith in God? 2 Timothy 1:5 What legacy will you leave behind?

God can right all wrongs and it is not too late for you. I can assure you that as a lady, sister, woman, married or spinster, you can live a better life than some of the aforementioned ladies because we have better chances and opportunities than they had. Most of them, if not all, do not have the bible to read. But we do and we are reading about them. Your life and mine are also going into a record. What will your story be? It is not too late to make your ways right in the sight of God.

Writer: Pastor Mrs. Dorcas Akinleyimu


  1. Gladys Able says

    Amen! Lord give me the grace to make good choices while I’m alive.

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