What is your character?

Ezekiel 18:5-9

If two people were to describe you, what would each say? How would they describe you? What would they say about your character, the sum of all that distinguishes you as a person from everyone else?

Your reputation is what other people say about you which is often a good indicator of your character. Your character reflects who/what you may become in the future. Your reputation is the mark of your character stamped on society. Those striving for good character, or better yet for godly character, are working toward moral excellence.

Jesus is the ultimate example of moral excellence. We work hard all our lives to become excellent in many areas, especially in our work and hobbies. Doesn’t it make sense to also work hard at becoming morally excellent? To be known as someone who has mastered the art of what really matters, like integrity, kindness, love, and faithfulness? Ultimately, we want our character to be formed into the image of Christ.

Being like Christ; holy and just, is the type of character Christians should strive for.

Prayer: Heavenly father, I humbly come before your greatness, help me to become Just, righteous, honest, and faithful in all my endeavors. I want my character to reflect the same traits that are seen in Jesus; loving, honoring, and respecting God and others. Amen.

Jude Akinleyimu

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