Avoiding Mistakes

Although burning the breakfast toast is a mistake, it is trivial and leaves no lasting consequences. On the other hand, a doctor who misread a chart has made a mistake of considerably greater implications. We all make mistakes, some of our mistakes are innocent, other mistakes are caused by bad judgment or a disregard for a rule or principle.

For example, your boss asked you to perform an important task and gave you detailed instructions on how to accomplish it. But you ignore those instructions because you think you know how the job should be done. You botched the job, and your company lost a lot of money. That is a significant mistake that could have been avoided if you had simply followed instructions.

The Bible is God’s instruction manual for our life. If you neglect or ignore it, you will make many avoidable mistakes that will bring adversity and grief into your life. God wrote the bible so that we could understand the rules, techniques, and principles for living the most effective, productive, and satisfying life possible. Follow its words, and many big mistakes can be avoided. Genesis 3:12-13, Adam and Eve made a big mistake because they did not follow God’s instructions.

Prayer: God, please allow me to abide by your words so I don’t make unnecessary mistakes in life. Help me and guide me to be faithful, diligent and unwavering in serving you. Amen.

Jude Akinleyimu

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