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Is God Your Problem?

In 1 Samuel 1:1-6, Hannah was a righteous woman but was barren. The bible says, “…but the LORD shut up her womb.” (v5). And in (v6), “… because the LORD had shut up her womb.” In all the sufferings she went through, there was no record that she ever retaliated against God. She never hated Peninnah either. Instead, she constantly took her problems to God and she didn’t stop serving God.

In Luke 1:5-16, there was a righteous couple who walked in all the commandments of the Lord and were blameless. They maintained their stand before Him. In spite of years of barrenness, they didn’t allow the childlessness to hinder their service to God.

Today, Christians are more grieved over afflictions and God’s delay in granting certain desires. Some people have stopped working in God’s vineyard because of this grief. They say “they want to sort things out on thier own” but in reality, that persistent challenge drives them more and more away from God, and from their service to their master and creator. Some will stop giving to God and to others, some will stop tithing or doing evangelism as a way of trying to get back at God.

Are you mad at God because of a delay to your demands or personal desires? If you are, this shows that you are not seeing clearly. You’re allowing Satan to becloud your view over the situation. You’re fighting the only One who can help you. When you’re fighting against God, you complicate your problems even more. Do you know the devil rejoices when he succeeds in letting you think God is the problem instead of him? He will jubilate when he sees that you are mad at God. Why? The devil knows that while you’re blaming God or being mad, that is his opportunity to completely cut you off from all the good things God has planned for you. That is not your portion in Jesus name.

Prayer: I pray that you will repent and reconcile with God. Know that He’s not your problem. I pray that the Lord will open your understanding to know that God never enjoys seeing you in sorrow or in pain. He feels the anguish you’re going through. He’s in it with you. I pray that you will receive the grace to keep trusting in him. Amen

Pastor Jude Akinleyimu

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