Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers and yet to be mothers.

Let us use this day to celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ for calling us His own mother in the book of Matthew.12: 49-50. Jesus Christ said we are his mother because we hear, listen and obey his words by doing His Father’s will. That is who we are. The one criteria of being a mother is to listen, hear and be obedient.

It is my prayer that we shall all be mothers indeed in Jesus Mighty Name. This criteria should also be met in our home, place of work and in the church. Always be ready to listen, hear and obey by doing God’s will. Amen

Happy Mother’s Day
From Pastor Dorcas Akinleyimu
CFFM (Sanctuary of Praise)
Dallas Metroplex


  1. Iam Able says

    Thank you Pastor Mrs. Dorcas.

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