Today, I’d like to explain to you how we can confront our difficulties especially the ones that seem to be impossible. Every day, life poses very difficult questions at us and the way we respond or answer these questions matter a lot. We could either be afraid of the problem, run away from it or worst, let the problem worry us to death or we could decide to confront the giant like David did.

In 1 Samuel 17:45-58, A story is told of the boy David that was inadvertently confronted by a giant. In verse 46, David said something that made me to ponder. “This day will the lord deliver you to mine hand; and I will smite thee and take thine head from you………. that all the earth may know that there is God in Israel.” Notice that David prophesied to his giant (massive problem) and declared victory in advance.

Having unwavering faith in God is the key to confronting and defeating our enemy. React to your giant by trusting and believing in God. Keep in mind that Goliath was real just as the difficulties that confront us are real. The way we react make all the difference. Be bold enough to pray exceedingly above your circumstances. Ask God to deliver Goliath into your hands so you can take his head from him.

My brothers and sisters as you read this message, it is my prayer that God, Our Lord, will show up and show out against our enemies. That every mountain on your path will be leveled and every giant will fall just by your declaration in prayers. Amen.

Prayer: Lord, you have showed me in your word that a massive problem can be easily overcome by just trusting in you and declaring victory. Lord give me the boldness to declare victory over the giants in my life. Help me so I will not waver in my faith. I want to be as bold and strong as David as I face my problems. Amen.

Writer: Bro Solomon Odia


  1. MercyD says

    Thank you for sharing this powerful message. I pray for that individual with leukemia, come through for him and his family and lay your healing hands on him. Amen!

  2. Beth says

    Thank you for these encouraging words. I learned this week that my brother has leukemia and feel so sad. I’m grateful I am here to help him.

    • C.F.F.M-Sanctuary of Praise says

      Sorry to hear about your brother. We will keep him in our prayers and we hope that he will overcome this in Jesus name.

    • Eunice Omosigho says

      I’m so sorry about your brother and I pray for God’s divine intervention upon his life and may God in His infinite mercy have compassion on him and heal him completely in Jesus name. Our God is a healer and He owns our body and our lives are in His hands, please let not your heart be trouble because by His strips your brother will be heal Isaiah 53:5. And it shall be well with him in Jesus name.

  3. Dorcas Akinleyimu says

    Lord give me courage and boldness to face my giant in Jesus Mighty Name . Amen
    Praise God, am victorious!

  4. Jenn P says

    Amen! This is good message. An unwavering faith is the key to conquering our problems but it’s not easy tho. I pray God will make it easy.

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