Cause to Celebrate

When we think of Celebrations, we usually think of enjoying ourselves or having great time with friends and family. We celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, victories, promotions, awards, and special milestones. But we also celebrate occasions such as the Lord’s Supper, the anniversary of a loved one’s death, and other solemn events.

What makes celebration unique is that we deliberately take time out to honor and observe something that is extraordinary, notable, or special. Whether we are leaping for joy before the Lord, as King David did (2 Samuel 6:14), or reverently listening to God’s Word at the Lord’s Supper (Luke 22:17-19), we do this to remember, honor, worship, and praise our God. The result of all celebration should be joy, the joy that comes from a full and grateful heart. God has given us an ultimate reason to celebrate for he has rescued us from the consequences of sin and has shown us the wonders of eternity. Those who love him truly have the most to celebrate!

Prayer: God, give me the grace to always celebrate you and what you’ve done for me, regardless of my current situation.

Bro Jude Akinleyimu

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