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Prayer Points for the 21 days of fasting – Year 2021

January 10, 2021

Theme: Thanksgiving

Text: Psalm 103:1-14


  1. Sing praise and worship songs
  2. Prayer of Thanksgiving
  3. Pray for yourself and family for God’s protection for 2021.
  4. Thank God for answer to prayers in advance.

January 11, 2021

Theme: Commitment

Text: Ruth.1:16-17, Philippians 2:25 – 30


  1. Thanksgiving
  2. Ask God to give you grace to be more committed this year
  3. To be diligent in your service to God
  4. Ask for grace to serve God diligently

January 12, 2021

Theme: Loving God

Text: Deuteronomy 6:5, Matthew 22: 37 – 40, 1 John 3:18


  1. Thanksgiving
  2. Ask for grace to love God in deed and in truth
  3. Ask for the infilling of the Holy Spirit to help you keep God’s commandments.

 January 13, 2021

 Theme:  Holy’s Spirit Baptism

 Text: Acts 1:8; Ephesians 5: 18-21


  1. Thanksgiving
  2. Pray that the lord will fill you with his Spirit
  3. Pray that you would walk by the Spirit
  4. Throughout your day, watch and listen for opportunities to obey the Spirit’s promptings
  5. Let your Holy Spirit empower me to live a triumphant life on earth
  6. Lord, make me an embodiment of your testimony through the help of your holy spirit

January 14, 2021

Theme: Receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit

Text: Acts.1:5; 4:31; John 3:5, Luke 11:13


  1. Thanksgiving
  2. Father, I ask in the name of Jesus to be baptized with your Holy Spirit
  3. I surrender my life to You; I want less of me and more of you
  4. I want to be empowered to do what you have called me to do
  5. I receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit now by faith in your word.  I thank you for it Lord Jesus,  amen

January 15, 2021

Theme: Can God use you?

Text: 2 Timothy 2:20-21, Isaiah 6:8


  1. Prayer of Thanksgiving
  2. Father, whatever will prevent me from being used by you, please take it away from me
  3. Father, break and remold me for a purpose higher than myself
  4. Lord, I repent from ways in which I have lived any unclean life

January 16, 2021

Theme: I will hear His voice

Text: 1 Samuel 3: 1-12


  1. Prayer of Thanksgiving
  2. O Lord, open my heart to hear you clearly when you speak to me
  3. Heavenly Father, reveal secret things regarding my life to me
  4. Reveal secret things about my family, children, parents, husband, etc.
  5. Speak to me in the language that I will understand as you spoke to Samuel

January 17, 2021

Theme: Hearing from God

Text: Judges 7:7-11, 16-20


  1. Prayer of Thanksgiving
  2. I shall not miss my opportunity to hear from God in Jesus name
  3. I cancel and reject whatever that will stop me from hearing God’s voice
  4. Father, give me the grace and strength to spend time with you and study your word

January 18, 2021

Theme: I shall remain blessed throughout the year

Text: Psalm 128: 1-6


  1. Prayer of Thanksgiving
  2. Give thanks to God for His provisions and benefits
  3. O Lord, help me to live the life that will attract your blessings
  4. I decree that the enemies of my blessings shall not prevail in Jesus name

January 19, 2021

Theme: I shall not be controlled by my flesh

Text: Romans 10: 6-11


  1. Thanksgiving
  2. I confess my way to victory, success, and breakthrough
  3. I shall not be controlled by what I see because the devil is a liar.  I will be controlled by the Spirit of God
  4. Delay is not denial! I choose to walk by faith and not by sight
  5. I will wait on God. I declare that I shall testify of my miracle in Jesus name

January 20, 2021

Theme: A new door will open

Text: 1 Corinthians 16:9


  1. Thanksgiving
  2. Father give me the key to open my door of opportunities. I want a divine access to the doors of progress, success, fruitfulness, and blessings in Jesus name.
  3. Lord, silence all my enemies who are distracting me from accessing my open doors. Destroy their devices in Jesus name.
  4. Please close the doors of rejection, disfavor, and disapproval in my life in Jesus name
  5. God of destiny, remold my destiny to fit into your greater plans for me this year.

January 21, 2021

Theme: My helpers will locate me

Text: Esther 6:1-11


  1. Prayer of Thanksgiving
  2. Lord, let my helpers locate me this year in Jesus name
  3. Deliver my helpers from their problems so that they can hastily help me
  4. Give me the grace to always put forth good attitude, so that when my helpers come, my attitude will not drive them away

January 22, 2021

Theme: Fruitfulness is my portion

Text: Genesis 26: 12-22


  1. Prayer of Thanksgiving
  2. Pray for those who are expecting the fruit of the womb, most especially in our church – Sanctuary of Praise.
  3. Pray that healing, promotion, long awaited testimony will manifest in the lives of our church members.
  4. Pray for those who are looking unto God for a life partner, that God will connect them to the right partner.
  5. Pray for financial breakthrough, for yourself and the members of Sanctuary of Praise. 

January 23, 2021

Theme: Season of divine celebration

Text: 1 Sam 2:1-11


  1. Prayer of Thanksgiving
  2. Lord, let this year be my season of dancing and celebration
  3. Let my life testify of your faithfulness and goodness
  4. O God, let the enemies of my celebration be put to shame
  5. Lord, let people rejoice with me as women celebrated with David

January 24, 2021

Theme: The church shall not be few

Text: Acts 2: 41-47, Jeremiah 30:19


  1. Prayer of Thanksgiving
  2. Merciful Father, I ask that your mercy will abound over the church. Do not deal with us according to our sins. Do not punish us for our iniquities.
  3. Forgive every single member of the church of their iniquities.  Give us grace to repent from our wrongdoing
  4. Increase and multiply the church; increase us numerically and financially
  5. Father, we pray against stagnation and Luke-warmness in the church. We will move forward spiritually in Jesus name.

January 25, 2021

Theme: Soul Winning

Text: Matthew 28:16-20, Luke 10:19-20


  1. Prayer of Thanksgiving
  2. Ask that the spirit of repentance will enter you so that you may repent from your sins and wrongdoings.
  3. Ask for anointing and the power of the Holy Spirit to evangelize effectively
  4. Ask that signs and wonders will follow the work of our evangelism
  5. Father, I ask that my name will be written in the book of life and counted worthy to reign with you in heaven.

January 26, 2021

Theme: Giving

Text: Proverbs 21:26, 13:7, 11:24-26, Luke 6:38


  1. Prayer of Thanksgiving
  2. Ask God to give you the spirit and gift of giving
  3. Ask him to take away the spirit of selfishness
  4. Ask for freedom from enslavement to possessions. Ask that the desire to help others will increase in you.

January 27, 2021

Theme: The power of wastage should be weakened, and every demolishing spirit will be cancelled

Text: Judges 6:1-10


  1. Prayer of Thanksgiving
  2. Pray that all wasters of life will be destroyed in your life
  3. Let all the wasters of my harvest have wasted efforts
  4. The Lord will stop all evil agenda over my life, family,  and the church in Jesus name

January 28, 2021

Theme: Singled out

Text: Exodus 31:1-6


  1. Prayer of Thanksgiving
  2. Father, single me out of the crowd for a special testimony this year
  3. Let my name attract divine favor
  4. My destiny helpers, financial helpers, and ministry helpers will locate me this year in Jesus name
  5. The Lord will bring in the helpers of the church. There will be a divine connection with those who are willing to support the church physically, spiritually and financially in Jesus name.

January 29, 2021

Theme: Prayer

Text: Luke 18:1, 1 Kings 18:42-46, Daniel 6:10


  1. Prayer of Thanksgiving
  2. Father, anoint me with the oil of prayer, so that I will pray the way I should pray and the way you lead me to pray. 
  3. Holy Spirit, empower me to pray frequently, with perseverance and without fainting. I want to be a powerful Christian, not a powerless one.
  4. Lord, I receive the anointing to pray until my testimony emerges
  5. I ask for the grace and power to pray like Elijah and Daniel

January 30, 2021

Theme: There will be multiple celebrations of childbirth, marriages, and academic successes

Text: Isaiah 40:28-31, 62:1-5


  1. Prayer of Thanksgiving
  2. Ask the lord to bring everything that has been destined for your life to fulfillment
  3. Ask the Lord to turn your delay into dancing
  4. Father, let there be celebrations of successful marriages, naming ceremonies, and academic successes in our family and in the church.

January 31, 2021

Theme: Prayer of Thanksgiving

Text: Psalms 103:1-14


  1. Sing songs of praise and worship
  2. Be thankful for answered prayers
  3. Thank God for giving you the spirit to wait patiently for His time
  4. Appreciate God for the great manifestation of your prayers that is coming.

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