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3 ways to respond to what's going on in our world today.

1) Gain awareness of the power of God.
God wants us to understand how powerful he is. Powerful enough to cause plagues, powerful enough to exclude some from the plagues and powerful enough to heal his people from the plagues. He wants us to reverence him, honor him and run to him. Exodus. 9: 1-7, Exo.6: 1

2) Gain awareness of the cause and purpose of plagues (especially those that happened in the past)
Understanding the purpose of why certain things are happening in the world helps us to appreciate the one who is capable of allowing those things to take place. It also reminds us to proclaim the name of the Lord in all the earth. Remember that a time is certainly coming when everyone will bow at his feet, regardless of where your destination is; heaven or hell. Exo.9:14-16
The main cause (among many) of the plagues that has happened in the past is due to disobedience. If we understand what the consequence of disobedience, it can help us deter from disobeying. Lev.26:14-16

3) Gain awareness of what the bible says about end times. The bible mentioned 2 witnesses that will come and really terrorize the world and this is one of the main signs of the end times. Right now, we are still in the beginning of the end and no need to fear. Rev.11:3-6. The worse is still yet to happen.
Lk.21:11, Lk.21:28

Now that you are aware, what can you do to be ready?
Do not fear, run to him, dwell in his presence, strengthen your relationship with God, create time to learn more about who he is, encourage yourself in the Lord and ask him to count you worthy in his kingdom.

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