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There was a man in the Bible, who lived in the city of Jericho. He was a blind man, very popular because he was a renowned beggar. Besides this, he was hopeless, abandoned and helpless. It is foolishness if one does not know his or her need, not wants in this world. Do you know that things turned around and changed for good for this blind man, on his very appointed day, Do you know that you too have an appointed day and time for your story to change? Do you know that today and at this moment of reading this tract is your appointed time for your life to be transformed?
Jesus was passing through the city, where the blind Bartimaeus was, with a large crowd following. As soon as Bartimaeus the blind acknowledged that it was Jesus passing by, he became oriented, alert and remained focus. It would be very devastating if you ignore the day and hour of your divine visitation. It would be very painful if you fail to be vigilant when your blessing is passing by.

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