Q & A Session with our Pastors (Becoming a Minister in God’s Vineyard)

A Q&A session was organized to answer some questions relating to becoming ordained ministers. These questions were posted by Blessing Oyem, based on some information received from church members and from other sources. The answers are Pastor Jude and Dorcas Akinleyimu’s response. I hope this information will be helpful to you. Please don’t forget to fill out the form after reading.

Writer’s Summary: It is a great privilege to be chosen as a minister in God’s Vineyard. These answers from our pastors below will hopefully encourage many Sanctuary of Praise workers to choose that path for themselves in becoming ordained ministers, to officially and publicly make a statement of service to God and His children. It is a statement of total submission to God and to do His will at all times.
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Question 1: What does it mean to be a minister?
Answer: A minister is an ordained spiritual leader who holds prayer services, preaches to people, leads worship services, teaches religious classes, helps or counsels those who need spiritual direction, and evangelizes. 1 Timothy 1:4, 12; AOA 6:1-8.

Question 2: What are examples of ministerial work in the church?
Answer: Examples of ministerial work in the church are:-
(A) Teachers (Bible study, Sunday School classes, Couples fellowship, Home/ house fellowship, etc.)
(B) Prayer Service Leaders (Home/house Prayer meetings, Church weekly Prayer meeting
Prayer warriors, Prayer Nights with others)
(C) Worship Service Leaders (Choir ministry, Praise & Worship leader, Soloist and Psalmist)
(D) Pastors and Associate Pastor (AP)
(E) Evangelists: An evangelist is the one who goes about preaching and teaching the good news about Jesus Christ the Lord (His birth, ministry, death, ascension and second coming)

Question 3: In the bible, God chose His priests, prophets, and kings as ministers. Jesus chose his followers to become Apostles – Ministers of the Word. How do I know that I am chosen to be a minister? Should I wait for someone to tell me I am a minister or is this something I can volunteer for?
Answer: (A) You can know that you’re chosen to be a minister for God by the Holy Spirit convincing you to be a minister or a worker. Romans 8:16-17
(B) Your Pastor or any matured spiritual leader/elder can tell you to pray in the area they see in you to be a minister in. 1 Kings 19:16-21; Elijah’s case and Jesus’s example Matthew 4:18-22
(C) You can also volunteer, but you need to be convinced because if you volunteer and not really or totally convinced, you may volunteer to leave the post as well e.g., Demas in 2Timothy 4:10

Question 4: I don’t want to be a pastor or a teacher or even stand on the pulpit. I just want to serve God in the background. Is it okay to be excluded from being “ordinated”?
It is essential for you to be ordained just as it’s essential for you to be baptized (immersed in water) after conversion. Ordination means receiving the power of the Holy Ghost and the grace needed to do the work of God efficiently and diligently. Ordination will cause you to be fruitful either openly or in the background. AOA 1:1-8, 6:5-6; Matthew 28:18-20.

Question 5: I am already a worker in the church, and I like what I do and comfortable here. Do I still need to volunteer for ministerial ordination?
Answer: Yes, you need to be ordained for effective, efficient, productive and fruitful work which is God’s plan for you. Remember, ordination is a rite for commissioning of ministers to promote/encourage their dedication to the work of God. Someone being ordained with prayer for the gifts of the Holy Spirit and of grace is required to carry out the ministerial work.

Question 6: Do I need to choose a specific ministry before choosing to be ordained? How do I know which ministerial work to choose from?
(A) You don’t have to choose any ministerial work to be ordained because every worker is under the category of Deacon or Deaconess, Pastor or Associate Pastor (AP), Evangelist, Teachers, etc.
(B) As you continue to grow in the Lord’s work, grow in His words, and in prayers and fasting, you will be able to perform efficiently and effectively any ministerial work you find doing.
Joel 2: 28-29; AOA 2:14-18; Mark 16:15-20; 1 Peter 2:9-10 and more.

Encouragement/Advise from the Pastors: Be ordained, be efficient, be effective, be productive, be obedient, be well informed, be engaged, be blessed and be a blessing till Jesus Christ comes back or rapture takes place or death.
Amen! So come, Lord Jesus!

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